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Royal Caribbean Itinerary 2014-2015 Ports

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This is an RCCL itineraries review of all Royal Caribbean itinerary 2014-2015 changes. Compare all old and new Royal Caribbean destinations and cruise ports (see here also all home ports changes), with two new ships to be launched in 2014 and 2015.

List of Royal Caribbean cruise destinations

Our Royal Caribbean cruise Itinerary review starts with a concise info on the Royal Caribbean International destinations scheduled for 2014 and sailed by the RCCL ships (continents, countries, ports of departure and ports of call).

Review of Royal Caribbean Itinerary Destinations and Cruise Ports

Royal Caribbean Itinerary 2014 changes, departure ports by shipmap of Royal Caribbean cruise destinations and ports

list of Royal Caribbean ships names RCCL itineraries 2014 changes
Adventure Of The Seas 7day Southern Caribbean leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico (with Barbados).Transatlantic repositioning – 14day Miami to Southampton, and 14day Southampton to Puerto Rico.

In Europe departing from Southampton, UK

  • 4- and 2day mini cruise to Paris and Bruges
  • 12-16day Mediterranean (with French Riviera)
  • 7day Iberia/Atlantic Coastal
  • 12-13day Iceland and Norway
  • 12day Baltic (to Scandinavia and Russia)
  • 7day Norwegian Fjords.
Allure Of The Seas
  • 7day from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Eastern-Western Caribbean
  • 2015 May-October – 7-day Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona
  • Transatlantic repositioning
Anthem Of The Seas (new cruise ship 2015) There are some highly plausible suggestions that the Anthem ship in 2015 will be sailing on the RCCL Independence ship’s current routes:

  • 6-day Western Caribbean, and 8-day Eastern Caribbean from Fort Lauderdale
  • Transatlantic relocation

Europe from UK (Southampton round-trip departures):

  • 3 to 6-day mini cruises UK to France, Belgium, Spain
  • 14-day UK to Mediterranean
  • 11-day UK to Canaries.
Brilliance Of The Seas 7day to Southern Caribbean (with Barbados) departing from San Juan, Puerto Rico.7day to New England from Boston, MA.4- & 5day to Western Caribbean from Tampa, Florida (all visiting Cozumel, Mexico).(In Europe) 12d Iceland-Norway and 12-13day Baltic with departures from UK (Harwich, England).Transatlantic – 15day Harwich-Boston, 13day Boston-Tampa.
Enchantment Of The Seas
  • 3- and 4-day Bahamas cruise from Port Canaveral FL
Explorer Of The Seas leaving out of Bayonne New Jersey / New York (2014 only)

  • 7day Florida-Bahamas
  • 9-10day Eastern Caribbean (with Puerto Rico)
  • 5-9day Bermuda (and combined with Caribbean)
  • 8day to Canada (special)

leaving from Port Canaveral FL (in 2014 and 2015)

  • 9day Southern Caribbean
  • 4-5day Eastern-Western Caribbean
  • 5day Bahamas.
Freedom Of The Seas
  • exclusively 7day to Eastern and Western Caribbean leaving from Port Canaveral, Florida (sailing to Jamaica).
Grandeur Of The Seas departures out of BaltimoreMD:

  • 6-7day Bermuda
  • 7-8day Florida-Bahamas
  • 8day to Canada/New England (Fall Foliage)
  • 10day Western-Eastern Caribbean (with Haiti), feature ports in Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Mexico.
Independence Of The Seas (UK) Europe departing from Southampton, England

  • 3-4day mini cruises
  • 12-14day to Western Mediterranean
  • 11-12day to Canary Islands
  • 8day to Norway Fjords
  • 6day Iberia.

Transatlantic repositioning – Florida-UK, and UK-Florida.

  • 6-8day Caribbean leaving out of Fort Lauderdale, with feature destinations being Jamaica and Puerto Rico.
Jewel Of The Seas
  • 7day to Southern Caribbean leaving from San Juan Puerto Rico.
  • Feature destinations are Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, Aruba/Curacao, Martinique.
Legend Of The Seas leaving out of Fort Lauderdale

  • 10day Eastern Caribbean
  • 11day Southern Caribbean (Barbados)
  • Panama Canal – Florida to San Diego CA

Transatlantic Florida to Europe (Baltic region) and Europe to USA (Bayonne) for Canada Fall cruise deals from Quebec City.
The summer spends in Europe on 7day Baltic cruises from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hamburg and Oslo.


Liberty Of The Seas
  • Leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Western Caribbean (4-5day Cozumel) and 5day Jamaica-Haiti.
  • Transatlantic repositioning Florida to Mediterranean (Barcelona) and Europe to Florida.
  • The Summer spends on 7day Western Mediterranean cruises leaving from Barcelona and Rome.
Majesty Of The Seas
  • exclusively 3-4day Bahamas cruises out of from Miami, Florida.
Mariner Of The Seas Sails on exclusively short Southeast Asia cruises leaving from Singapore to thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia.
Navigator Of The Seas
  • 7day Galveston to Western Caribbean with Cozumel Mexico.
Oasis Of The Seas
  • In 2014 sailing Transatlantic and on a limited number of Europe (Mediterranean) cruises.
  • RCCL Oasis Caribbean sailing routes are the same - 7day Western & Eastern Caribbean itineraries departing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Quantum of the Seas (new cruise ship 2014)
  • 7-8-11-12-night cruises departing from Cape Liberty (Bayonne), New Jersey.
Radiance Of The Seas Australia itineraries out of Sydney cruise port

  • 14day AU to New Zealand
  • 7-8-9-10-11-12day South Pacific Islands
  • 7day Tasmania
  • 8day Queensland
  • 16-17days “Around Australia” (between Sydney and Fremantle), also with NZ and Indonesia/Bali.

Transpacific relocation to and from Alaska (with Hawaii)

  • Sydney to Honolulu
  • Hawaii to Vancouver
  • Vancouver to Honolulu
  • Hawaii to Sydney.

For the Summer sails on one-way 7day Alaska cruises leaving from Vancouver to Anchorage/Seward, and Seward to Vancouver, 1 roundtrip special.

Rhapsody Of The Seas Australia cruises leaving from Sydney

  • 7- to 10days South Pacific Islands (with Fiji).
  • Tasmania
  • Queensland cruises.

Transpacific repositioning Australia to Alaska, and Alaska-Australia (visiting Hawaii)

  • Sydney-Honolulu
  • Honolulu-Vancouver
  • Vancouver-Seattle
  • Seattle-Vancouver.

In the summer sails on 7day Alaska cruises from Seattle (roundtrip).

Serenade Of The Seas In Winter sails on 7day Western Caribbean and Florida-Bahamas cruises leaving out of New Orleans.Transatlantic repositioning from New Orleans to Europe/Mediterranean.In Summer sails on 11-12day Mediterranean cruises from Barcelona and Rome.
Splendour Of The Seas
  • South America cruises with round-trip itineraries from Brazil (departing from Santos) length 3 to 8days.
  • Transatlantic repositioning – from South America to Europe/Mediterranean, and Europe to Brazil.
  • In Europe sails in Mediterranean on roundtrip 7day cruises from Venice to the Eastern Med (Greece and Turkey).
  • One-way relocation between Venice and Barcelona.
Vision Of The Seas
  • 7day Southern Caribbean leaving from Panama (Colon) – 2014 only
  • 4- and 5day Western Caribbean leaving out of Fort Lauderdale (2014 only)
  • 7day Western Caribbean departing from Tampa FL (2014-2015)
  • (repositioning 2014) 3day Colon to Ft Lauderdale, and 9day Ft Lauderdale to Tampa.
Voyager Of The Seas Sails on New Zealand and Australia cruises leaving from Sydney to

  • 3day cruises to Nowhere
  • Tasmania
  • Fiji
  • Fiji with NZ
  • 14day AU to New Zealand.

(one-way cruise) Australia to Asia (from Sydney to Singapore, and Singapore to Sydney). 10day Singapore to Japan, 9day Hong Kong to Singapore.

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