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Celebrity Millennium Itinerary 2014-2015

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Information on Celebrity Millennium itinerary 2014-2015 Alaska and Asia. See the Celebrity Millennium location (current position at sea). Here you will find a review of the Celebrity Cruises Millennium itinerary, maps, sailing routes, cruise ports and destinations. Integrated with Celebrity Cruises Itineraries (Millennium, and the rest of the 11 Celebrity cruise ships).

Celebrity Millennium itinerary map

Information on Celebrity Millennium at Cruise Ship Itinerary COM

Your Celebrity Cruises Millennium itinerary choices in the Millennium cruise ship’s sailing calendar as regions includes Inside Passage Alaska cruises from Vancouver to Anchorage/Seward and the reverse. Panama Canal repositioning cruise deals are offered in Spring and Fall, including Hawaii-Australia-Asia cruise relocation.

Celebrity Millennium ship in 2014 offers Asia cruise deals from Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan (Tokyo). These Millennium itineraries will be visiting Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan ports.

Celebrity Millennium Itinerary 2014 Alaska cruise schedule

Celebrity Millennium Alaska cruise itinerary departure times are as follow:

Alaska itinerary, map 2014 cruise departure dates
7-nights SOUTHBOUND ALASKA Inside Passage cruise from Seward/Ancorage to Vancouver, visiting HUBBARD GLACIER (2-6PM), JUNEAU (9AM-9PM), SKAGWAY (7AM-8:30PM), ICY STRAIT POINT (7AM-4PM), KETCHIKAN (9AM-6PM), INSIDE PASSAGE (day 7), to VANCOUVER (arriving 7AM)
  • May 30, June 13, 27, July 11, 25, August 8, 22, September 5.
7-nights NORTHBOUND ALASKA Inside Passage cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage/Seward, visiting Inside Passage (day 2), KETCHIKAN (7AM-3PM), ICY STRAIT POINT (10AM-8PM), JUNEAU (7AM-8:30PM), SKAGWAY (7AM-4PM), HUBBARD GLACIER (7-11AM), to SEWARD (arriving 5AM).
  • May 23, June 6, 20, July 4, 18, August 1, 15, 29.

Celebrity Millennium Itinerary 2014 Asia cruise schedule

Asia itineraries Departure dates
14-night NORTHBOUND cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong (depart 5MP, arrive 7AM), to visit BANGKOK (Thailand, overnight stay, 7AM-6PM), HO CHI MINH (7AM-8PM), DANANG (Vietnam, 7AM-6PM), HANOI (Vietnam, overnight stay, 1PM-10PM), with a total of 5 sea days.
  • 2014 – February 2, March 2, 30, December 7
  • 2015 – February 1, March 1, 29.
14-night INDONESIA cruise from Singapore (round-trip, depart 3PM, arrive 7AM), to visit LOMBOK, KOMODO, BENOA (overnight stay, 1PM-5PM), Malaysia (PORT KLANG – 10AM-6PM, and PENANG – 8AM-5PM), and PHUKET (Thailand, 8AM-9PM), a total of 5 sea days.
  • 2014 – January 5, 19
14-night SOUTHBOUND cruise from Hong Kong to Singapore (depart 8PM, arrive 7PM), to visit HANOI (Vietnam, overnight stay, 7AM-1PM), DANANG (8AM-7PM), HO CHI MINH (7AM-8PM), BANGKOK (overnight stay, 8AM-6PM), with 5 days at sea.
  • 2014 – February 16, March 16, November 9, 23, December 21 (Christmas-New Year 2014).
  • 2015 – January 4, 18.
13-night cruise from Hong Kong to Shanghai (depart 8PM, arrive 7AM), to visit KEELUNG (Taiwan, 7AM-9PM), NAGASAKI (Japan, 10AM-6PM), South Korea (BUSAN – 8AM-6PM, and JEJU ISLAND – 8AM-6PM), TIANJIN/to BEIJING (3days/two overnight stays, 6AM-6PM), a total of 5 days at sea.
  • 2014 – April 13
 14-night repositioning cruise to Vancouver from Asia (Tokyo, Japan – departing 8PM, arriving 7AM), to visit [days 2, 5, 6, 8-14 at sea] Japan (AOMORI & MURORAN) and Russia (PETROPAVLOVSK, 8AM-5PM).
  • 2014 – May 10
15-night relocation cruise from Vancouver/Alaska to Asia/Japan (Tokyo), depart 4:30 PM, arrive 7AM, to visit PETROPAVLOVSK (Russia, 4:30AM-8PM) and Japan (OTARU – 10AM-7PM, HAKODATE – 10AM-7PM), to YOKOHAMA/TOKYO.
  • 2014 – September 12
14-night cruise from Japan to China (Tokyo to Shanghai, depart 9PM, arrive 7AM), to visit in Japan (MT FUJI – 7:30AM-3:30PM, and KYOTO/OSAKA – overnight stay, 11AM-6PM), South Korea (JEJU ISLAND – 7AM-3PM, and SEOUL – 8AM-8PM) and China (3days/2 overnight stays in BEIJING – 6AM-6PM), a total of 4 sea days.
  • 2014 - September 28
14-night cruise from China to Japan (Shanghai to Tokyo, depart 8PM, arrive 8AM), 4 sea days, to visit BEIJING/TIANJIN (2 overnight stays, 6AM-6PM), SEOUL, JEJU ISLAND, in Japan (KOBE – 0PM-5PM, and MT FUJI – 0PM-8PM).
  • 2014 - October12
14-night from Tokyo to Hong Kong (depart 8:30PM, arrive 7AM), to visit in Japan (MT FUJI – 7AM-3PM, KOBE – overnight stay, KAGOSHIMA – 8AM-5PM, and NAGASAKI – 8AM-5PM), SHANGHAI (7AM-10PM), Taiwan (KEELUNG, overnight stay, 7AM-6PM).
  • 2014 - October 26.

Celebrity Millennium ship information and statistics

Celebrity Millennium position now

In the event of loosing the Celebrity Millennium position on the map below, to track it again our “Millennium cruise ship locator” page will need to be reloaded. The Celebrity Millennium location data is from the VesselFinder AIS ship tracker.

You are welcomed to share the Celebrity Millennium itinerary information and the Millennium cruise ship tracker via our social buttons. We wish you best deals and prices on the “designed for you” always special Celebrity Cruises Millennium itinerary!

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