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Cruise Ship Itinerary

47 Flares 47 Flares × provides all the information you are looking for when you type “cruise itinerary” in your browser’s search bar. Here you will find data on cruise lines, ships and ports, with maps, port times, itinerary changes updates, various information on and reviews of the current and the next year(s) itineraries by line and ship. Enjoy it!

Cruise Ship Itinerary

Cruise Ship Itinerary COM The cruise itinerary data is about where is your ship going, and when. It relates closely to “cruise routes” and “cruise destinations” (of cruise passenger lines and companies) and to “departure ports” and “ports of call” (aka “call ports”) when passenger cruise ships are concerned.

A typical cruise ship itinerary example is the following route of the biggest passenger ship in the world ever (for now!) – ms Allure Of The Seas. This vessel is operated by RCI (Royal Caribbean International line) – the second largest cruise operator in the world after Carnival Corporation & PLC.

This is a 7-day cruise itinerary sample for a round-trip to Western Caribbean (as destination) from the port of Fort Lauderdale, Florida (departure-, or home-port) to visit the following call ports:

Cruise Itinerary Data – Template Details

For any cruise itinerary, there are 6 main elements determining the whole data (listed high to low priority):

  1. the name of the ship and the line (or the cruise operator) that are responsible for your trip.
  2. the destination – which one of all passenger ship regions of operation your ship will sail in a specific time of the year.
  3. the embarkation port (port of departure, getting on the ship) and the country from which it sails, since your place of residence defines lots of variables determining the total cost of your trip as prices per person (some of these are flight tickets and transfers, all kinds of transportation, hotel stays, etc).
  4. the disembarkation port (the last port of arrival, getting off the ship). You should know that most of the ship cruises are operated with round-trip itineraries (meaning you will embark and disembark in the same port). However, a big number of ships also offer one-way cruise itineraries (with a different embarkation/disembarkation port). These are all “Repositioning (relocation) Cruises”, the “Around The World Cruise” tour segments (the whole “Round The World” itinerary is usually a round-trip), most of the Panama Canal crossing cruises, and also some special sailings operated mainly by small luxury ships.
  5. the cruise length and the number of call ports – these are all ports your ship is going to visit during its sailing – another major price-related variable. The shortest trips (on big ships) are of 2-days in length (called “Cruises to Nowhere”, without any call ports), and the longest one may offer up to 110+ days on a Round The World tour (with lots of ports to visit, and great ticket prices to pay for it). On ship relocation cruises you’ll visit a very small number of ports – to none on some Transatlantic crossings.
  6. and finally – fly- or no-fly cruise deals. Generally, with flight-and-cruise deals you buy a package consisting of your cruise tickets, (optional) pre-booked tours and excursions and an one-way or round-trip flight ticket (all transfers, transportation and hotel stays are also included).

Types of Cruise Ship Itineraries

And our very last “categorization approach” – itinerary types according to the the type of the passenger ships – all of which can operate both one-ways and round-trips, but differ greatly as to operational destinations, cabin sizes and rates, amenities and activities on board, fellow passengers, trip duration, etc.

Cruise Tracker

Cruise Tracker - Cruise Ship itinerary COMOur “cruise tracker” deal is to offer you a real time cruise ships current position tracking integrated in each itinerary page at This way, you’ll be able to see your ship’s current itinerary as live tracking of its current location at sea (or river).

As a total number, the cruise ship tracking options here are not that many – for now! We did an upgrade to the site allowing detailed itineraries (via automated templates) with complete cruise ship schedules (sail calendars with all departure dates and port times). We add new cruise ships and itineraries on a daily basis now.

Ocean Cruise Ship Tracker

To see a detailed itinerary information (including maps) and to be able to see where is your cruise ship today as current location (AIS data) is a most interesting and pretty rare feature on the Web. And our cruise ship tracker offers exactly this – so enjoy it!

Azamara Club

Carnival Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruises

Costa Cruises

Crystal Cruises

Cunard Line

Disney Cruises

Fred Olsen

  • ms Balmoral
  • ms Black Watch
  • ms Boudicca
  • ms Braemar
Holland America

MSC Cruises

NCL Norwegian Cruise Line

Oceania Cruises

P&O Cruises UK

P&O Cruises Australia

Princess Cruises


Royal Caribbean

Seabourn Cruises

SeaDream Yacht Club


  • Mein Schiff 1
  • Mein Schiff 2
  • Mein Schiff 3
  • Mein Schiff 4

Viking Ocean Cruises

River Cruise Ship Tracker

In this second section soon you’ll be able to do cruise tracking of all major river cruise lines ships. These are Viking River Cruises (renamed to “Viking Cruises”), AMA, Avalon, Uniworld, the new A-Rosa. Here you will find also itineraries on chartered cruise boats sailing in Asia (Irrawaddy, Mekong), Africa (Nile River, Lake Nasser), USA (Mississippi) and in the Ukraine-Russia region (Volga, Dnieper/Dnepr).

Viking Cruises

Other & chartered river cruise boats:

  • Niagara Prince
  • Queen of the Mississippi (USA)
  • Queen of the West (USA)
  • American Queen (USA)
  • ms Vienna I
  • mv Aria
  • mv Isabela II
  • mv Santa Cruz
  • ms Kasr Ibrim
  • ms Mayfair
  • Century Legend
  • Century Paragon
  • Travelmarvel Diamond (Avalon Imagery)
    Travelmarvel Jewel (Avalon Tranquility)
APT AMAwaterways

Arosa Cruises

Avalon Waterways


  • ms Esprit
  • ms Inspire
  • ms Savor
  • ms Swiss Emerald
  • ms Swiss Jewel
  • ms Swiss Sapphire
  • ms Treasures


  • Prince Abbas
  • River Ambassador
  • River Baroness
  • River Beatrice
  • River Countess
  • River Duchess
  • River Empress
  • River Orchid
  • River Princess
  • River Royale
  • River Queen
  • River Saigon
  • River Tosca
  • River Victoria
  • Queen Isabel
  • SS Antoinette
  • SS Catherine
  • SS Maria Theresa

At Cruise Ship Itinerary COM you will find a concise review of the itineraries and current position cruise ship tracker in each article related to the world’s small to biggest cruise lines ships. You will also see cruise itinerary sample maps. As to all cruise lines itineraries review articles, there you’ll find the list of all their ships in operation, departure ports and destinations, and all itinerary changes (if any) scheduled for a particular year. As to all major cruise travel destinations and visited countries, each of these surveys will show you a list of cruise routes operated through this and the next year(s).

You are very welcomed to rate and share all our cruise ship itinerary information and cruise tracker pages via the beautiful social buttons all around. This is a brand new website – and a work in progress. More and more data is being added constantly. Our ultimate goal is to make you – our dear guests and regular users – very well “cruise itinerary informed” persons. So visit us again soon!

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